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Answering The unanswered question in Risk Management…

How Much?

How much risk exposure has the organization accumulated?

How much a risk event is going to cost?

How much of the Inherent Risk has been mitigated?

How much Residual Risk still needs to be covered?

How much reserves are really needed to effectively (not excessively) cover Residual Risk?

About Us

Masterisk Ltd. is an UK based software company that develops RiskBox, the state-of-the-art risk quantification solution implementing the Risk Accounting method.


What’s in the RiskBox?

The Method

The Risk Accounting method is the first ever to introduce a unit of measure for risk exposure, thus making risk a finite business parameter. It was pioneered in JP Morgan Chase and researched extensively in three of UK’s leading universities for the last 10 years.

The Solution

RiskBox implements the Risk Accounting method in the core calculation engine, thus being able to process risk data into valuable business information. RiskBox maintains industry neutrality, being capable to provide consistent results for any industry.

The Benefits

Risk is a critical business dimension, required to be exposed in grater detail in the corporate reporting. However, the ways to do it are not yet properly developed. RiskBox helps organizations report their risk exposures in a consistent and comprehensive way.

The Method

Risk Accounting

The one thing missing from your risk assessment routines is numbers.

Risk Accounting introduces a practical way to quantify risk exposures into easy to understand numbers, to help you identify and monitor risk exposures as they accumulate throughout the organization.

The method allows for risk scores allocation to transactions, thus directly linking risk exposure to financial results.

The consolidated reporting showcases the financial performance in the context of the accumulated risk, therefore providing the decision makers with a both backward looking view (based on the financial reports) and a forward looking perspective (based on the risk exposure reports).

Here is what the experts say about Risk Accounting.

The Solution

RiskBox – Makes Risk Visible

How to better contain risk but to put it in a “container”? RiskBox provides a finite view to risk exposures, enabling organizations to manage their risk portfolio in a proactive and effective way.

By offering the high-level overview of the organization’s risk exposures, highly demanded by top-level decision makers, RiskBox makes risk management more effective by immediately spotting exceptions and providing mitigation solutions that could be prioritized based on their effectiveness, cost or time to implement.

The Benefits

Measurement Helps Management

While the old saying “You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it” may be controversial, it is self evident that being able to measure critical business parameters greatly improves management decisions.

Time and exercise made measuring financial performance very sophisticated. However, measuring risk still lags behind, bogged down by subjective practices and beliefs.

RiskBox is here to change that and give managers the tools that would help them successfully drive their business forward.

The Team

Paul Costea


Seasoned sales and marketing professional with almost 20 years of expertise in promoting complex enterprise software solutions

Marius Diaconu


Experienced IT&C entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in large IT solutions implementation and services market.

Peter Hughes

Strategic Consultant

The inventor of the risk quantification technique deployed in RiskBox, a university business school visiting fellow and research advisory board member and former top-tier bank executive.

What Experts Say about Risk Accounting

[Source: “Comments on Risk Accounting” by Henry Stewart Publications 1752-8887 (2016) Vol. 9, 4 413–420 Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions]

“…represents a sizeable step forward in the search for a practical global solution to enterprise risk management (ERM)”

Julian Williams

PhD , Durham University Business School

“…(the) proposed framework is both novel in addressing the limitations of existing ERM risk measurement frameworks and practical in adapting the control and reporting frameworks that already exist in accounting and general ledger systems”

Roger Chen

CFA, PRM, New York Life Insurance Company

“…(the) approach could be a meaningful way of establishing a common metric for operational risk, an area in risk management which, after many years, is still lacking analytical rigour”

Madelyn Antoncic

PhD, Principal Global Investors

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